Follow These Guided Meditation Videos From YouTube For Relaxation, Reflection, and Pause

When it comes to meditation, if you're anything like me, you might be skeptical about it and need a little push. It's hard to focus on your own (have you tried to sit in silence while your thoughts play patty-cake with your mind?!), but you can get the push you need in the form of guided meditation. Guided meditation walks you through the process and makes it easier to stay in the zone. You can use apps — USWNT star Rose Lavelle likes Headspace — or, you can check out videos online that will bring you to that special period of pause.

Meditation in general is said to reduce anxiety, stress, and pain as well as improve memory and reduce blood pressure. It can also aid in getting you to sleep better. Yoga Girl community creator Rachel Brathen, a yoga teacher and bestselling author, told POPSUGAR in a previous interview that if you're trying to get into a meditation routine, "pick a time of the day that works for you and stick with it. As long as you do it consistently at the same time, it will be a lot easier."

Whether your goal is to meditate regularly or you simply want something to turn to when you feel overwhelmed, check out guided meditation videos from YouTube ahead. They're all under 20 minutes, and some are focused on relieving anxiety specifically, while others are quick ways to calm your thoughts, nurture self-love, or find inner peace. Plus, if you're looking for more guided goodness, check out these yoga videos devoted to helping you de-stress.

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14-Minute Meditation For Anxiety From Yoga With Adriene

This 14-minute meditation from Adriene Mishler is all about guiding yourself to a "supported" place — a place where you can notice the emotions that come up and bring a softness to those feelings. The sound of her voice alone is super calming, at least for me, so hopefully you'll find comfort, too.

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5-Minute Morning Meditation From Alisha Yoga

Close your eyes and listen to this gentle meditation from Alisha Smith. "This short guided meditation will help you to set your intention for the rest of your day, as well as increase productivity, stir up some inspiration and help you to feel more joyful," reads the YouTube description. In the beginning, Smith wants you to think of a moment in time that brought you joy — which sounds wonderful to me.

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15-Minute Guided Meditation From Boho Beautiful

Juliana from the YouTube channel Boho Beautiful will take you through a 15-minute meditation for peace and mindfulness. This aims to help settle your mind. "Peacefully follow my voice, as I will guide you to a place where your own radiant conscious light, your own inner energy, will bring you healing and peace in every way that you need right now," she says at one point.

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17-Minute Meditation For Mental Balance and Grounding From Yoga With Adriene

You can always count on Mishler to offer a variety of meditations, and this one in particular is meant to help balance your mental well-being. You can trust her to guide you through, so try to let go and follow her lead to clarity.

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5-Minute Self-Love Meditation From Michelle Chalfant

Slip into self-love with this five-minute guided meditation from Michelle Chalfant. Right off the bat, the music is soothing. Chalfant walks you through breathing exercises and visualizations to calm your breath and bring about a sense of warmth and acceptance.

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7-Minute Meditation to Start Your Day From Yoga With Adriene

This is a perfect guided meditation to do in the morning before you start your day. Mishler encourages openness and also sneaks in some neck stretches (which feel amazing).

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10-Minute Meditation For Being Present With Boho Beautiful

Meditation in general is a great way to learn how to be more present with your body, your breath, and, afterwards, your day-to-day moments. This video from Boho Beautiful is said to be a meditation for the morning, but you can do it anytime.

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10-Minute Meditation For Inner Peace From Yoga With Adriene

This is a truly special Yoga With Adriene meditation focused on connecting to your inner self. She gives you a simple mantra I absolutely love: "I choose to let go."