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Yoga Videos For Stress

8 Yoga Videos That Will Melt Your Stubborn Stress Away

Yoga Videos For Stress
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Like chicken soup, yoga is good for the soul. It can boost your energy, help with respiratory and cardiovascular health, keep you strong and flexible, and improve your sleep. It also plays a part in reducing anxiety and stress, which makes sense: similar to meditation, it's about listening to the breath and, in the process, you learn to develop a connection to the body through stretch and self-reflection.

Now, I'm no yogi, but just this past year I've incorporated quick sessions into my daily routine when I feel like I need it as a form of self-care. As a former gymnast, it's also a great way to keep up my flexibility. While I've found that almost every flow I've tried mitigates stress, there are flows that specifically target stress and anxiety. Here are some of the best ones I've tried recently, all from YouTube. I hope you'll join me this week, this month, or sometime this year for a little peace of mind.

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