The Best News For Gluten-Free Gals Who Love Panera

Great news for all the gluten-free eaters who wish they could enjoy a Panera Bread sammy! Later this month, Panera will begin to offer their very first gluten-free roll. The popular chain will test out a gluten-free rosemary focaccia roll in Michigan this month with plans to take the offering nationwide at some point in late 2016. The roll will include ingredients like whole grain sorghum, sprouted broccoli, chia, and flaxseeds.

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This roll may not be safe for people living with Celiac disease, since it will stored alongside other bread offerings, but it is an amazing option for anyone who wants to cut back on gluten at lunch! Panera has made big strides to remove artificial ingredients from their food, so we hope that this gluten-free roll will follow suit.

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