Henry Golding's Wife, Liv Lo, Is a Double-Certified Yoga Instructor and Our New Favorite Fitspo

Henry Golding may be a seriously hot, shirtless stud in Crazy Rich Asians, but his wife, Liv Lo, is our latest fitspo. The cute couple has been making their rounds with press appearances and on red carpets promoting the film, and we're constantly finding ourselves turning into the heart-eye emoji over their adorable relationship, but one scroll through Liv's Instagram and we're ready to hit the gym. She's a double-certified yoga instructor and has been practicing for 12 years!

Last year, Liv created an equipment-free online workout program called FitSphere, which is a 12-video yoga and HIIT plan for anyone to "get fit fast, love your body, feel strong, healthy, and confident." She's her own biggest motivator, and knows that magic happens when the mind is connected to the body. As an ambassador for Reebok Women, Liv is often traveling across the globe, but she never loses sight of her goals.

"I have excuses — I travel, my routine is constantly changing, I have difficulty finding time or energy to workout sometimes, but I don't listen to those excuses or give in to them," Liv told PurelyB. "I find every reason TO exercise by adapting the workouts to what I need for that time and place. I always feel stronger and better for it . . . Staying fit is work, but being fit keeps me healthy and strong enough to travel."

She added that her motto is "Life is a workcation," and we're going to need that on a poster STAT. Liv's YouTube videos cover all your yoga and strength training needs, so, if anyone is looking for me tonight, I'll be on a yoga mat playing them on loop. Read on to see Liv's Instagram posts of her working out, then channel your inner yogi and follow her routine. (Seriously, how do we get invited to workout with Henry and Liv?)