10 Apps For Every Type of Runner

POPSUGAR Photography | Kat Borchart
POPSUGAR Photography | Kat Borchart

As we approach the year's warmer seasons and the weather becomes a bit more tolerable, it's time for many of us ditch the indoor treadmill and head outside for beautiful springtime runs. Whether you're in training for a race, just getting off the couch, or going for your weekly jog, make your next run a little more fun with these 10 tracking and coaching apps. They'll keep you motivated, regardless of season.

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  1. Couch to 5K: New to running? No worries. If you're currently reading this from the couch, daydreaming about the possibilities of a 5K, then Couch to 5K ($2) is the non-intimidating app for you.
  2. POPSUGAR Active: Our app (free) features interval runs, hills, and walk-run workouts. Choose from 42 different guides to take your run to the next level.
  3. Nike+: Join a challenge, start a coaching program, or just track your mileage. Go as fast or as slow as you like, all while syncing to your music or Spotify playlists with the Nike+ Running app (free). Added bonus: if you're looking for a good trail or running route in your area, there's a feature for that on the app, too.
  4. Fitbit: With the newest Fitbits being so stylish and trendy, one might forget they're a functional piece of athletic equipment. This is your friendly reminder to download the Fitbit app (free) and track your mileage.
  5. Garmin Connect: Do you prefer the Garmin to the Fitbit? Make sure you have Garmin Connect (free) for your GPS tracking and stats. If you connect your Garmin device to you smart phone app, you'll also receive current weather conditions and forecasts, as well as voice call and text message notifications.
  6. Adidas Train & Run: The Train & Run app (free) has GPS, plus distance and speed tracking. Like many of these apps, you can create weekly goals and training plans, or simply set reminders to go on daily or weekly runs.
  7. MY ASICS Run: We've mentioned before that the MY ASICS Run app (free) is the next best thing to having a personal running coach when you're training for a race, but you can use it well beyond marathon season.
  8. Runkeeper: Whether you're learning to run, prepping for a race, or trying to lose weight, Runkeeper (free, some in-app purchases) has a program for you. Set your goal and stay on track with their alerts and reminders.
  9. Map My Run by Under Armour: Sync with your devices or use it on its own. Map My Run (free), powered by Under Armour, allows you to track distance, location, stats, and goal benchmarks. You can share your running stats with friends or with your health apps on your iPhone.
  10. Strava: With really in-depth analytics, Strava's running and cycling app (free, premium $6-$60) allows you to track your routes, get nitty-gritty stats about your activity, climb leaderboards, and share with friends.

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