Salad and Go Drive-Through Is Changing the Fast Food Industry 1 Head of Lettuce at a Time

Salads and drive-throughs are two terms we usually don't use in the same sentence, but Salad and Go is changing everything we thought we knew about fast food! It's a new chain taking over, with six new locations in Arizona, and the best part about it is, it has managed to maintain the appeal of other fast food restaurants — it's affordable, delicious, convenient, and healthy.

The menu at Salad and Go is not your typical fast-food menu. The salads are priced around $6, and you can add chicken, steak, or shrimp at an additional charge. The restaurant offers all salads in a wrap, in addition to smoothies, breakfast, and soup during the Fall season, reasonably priced around $4. "We know that so many of those people eating from traditional drive-thru fast food are forced to go there, because they, just like me, needed something convenient and affordable, and that was their only option," cofounder Roushan Christofellis said, explaining the need to replace unhealthy fast-food options.

But have no fear, salad-lovers! Salad and Go is planning on expanding across the United States within the next two years, and it's an incredible way to disrupt the fast-food industry. In the meantime, look through to see the delicious menu items from Salad and Go, and then check out these drive-through hacks for healthy ordering.