A Rumble Instructor Shares 6 Things You Didn't Know About Boxing Classes

Boxing is taking the boutique fitness world by storm. As more and more boxing gyms and boxing-specific studio classes open up, the promise of an effective cardio and strength-training workout all in one draws people in to get their Rocky Balboa on and try boxing. But whether you've done boxing in the past or are a total newbie, there are some insider secrets only an instructor can reveal.

Dagmara Lometti, trainer at Rumble Boxing in NYC, spoke with POPSUGAR about what sets a boxing workout, and Rumble in particular, apart from the rest of the boutique fitness world. So cue up "Eye of the Tiger," scroll through, and get prepared to have one fun, sweaty workout.


Rumble Is for Everyone

Sure, there are a lot of fit-looking people on Rumble's Instagram page, but don't be intimidated. "Whether you are a fitness beginner, an athlete, or a boxing pro, any fitness level or age can do this class," Dagmara told POPSUGAR. "The Rumble class consists of 10 three-minute rounds, which really give you the ability to push yourself as hard or take things as easy as you need. We are here to help you blow off steam, whatever that means for you personally."

On the floor and weights section, instructors always offer modifications for exercises, if they seem too advanced. And while the instructors are motivating, they won't push you to the point outside of what's safe or doable for your body.


The Preclass Is 100% Essential, Especially For All First-Timers

Rumble offers a preclass for a few minutes where the instructor demonstrates all six punches and the numbers associated with them — this is essential for understanding and participating in the class.

"If it's your first time, this is your opportunity to learn what all the punches are and how to perform them," she said. "This is also when you learn the layout of the class."

But even if you're a Rumble pro and have been dozens of times, she still thinks you should participate in the preclass portion. "You can use that time to shake out the body and warm up the shoulders by going through the punches," she said.


The Power For Your Punches Comes From Your Legs

Most people think that boxing and throwing punches are primarily an upper-body workout, but they actually work your whole body. In fact, all the power for your punches comes from your legs.

"Your legs are the biggest muscles in your body," she said. "They are also what's connected to the ground, so while you're throwing punches, we constantly remind you to pivot and rotate your feet. Pushing off the ground with your legs will generate more power throughout the entire body."


There's an In-House DJ

One of the best parts about Rumble is that the music is always bumpin'. The playlist feels more like you're at a club that plays all your favorite hits than a fitness class — don't be surprised if you want to dance in between rounds! Turns out Rumble makes a conscious effort to put together motivating and fun music.

"We have an in-house DJ who makes custom remixes for us that we can use in our classes," Damara said. "This is a huge luxury to have as a fitness instructor! We can send over songs we like and know that whatever remix we get back will be of the highest quality and will sound incredible. I'm constantly being asked to share my playlist, but because the songs are all exclusive to Rumble, you just have to come back to hear it again!"


Abs Are Dagmara's Jam

Although the class format is the same every time you go, no two workouts are identical. That's because each instructor puts his or her own unique spin on the class.

"Every instructor has a style, music, or vibe that they are known for," Dagmara said. "For me, my ab rounds are what everyone always talks about and comes back for. I love to work abs; it's my specialty. So if you're looking for a serious ab burn and want the #absbydags experience, I look forward to seeing you in one of my classes!"


Becoming an Instructor at Rumble Is Difficult but Rewarding

There's nothing less motivating during a fitness class than having an instructor who isn't encouraging or enthusiastic or who obviously just doesn't want to be there. I've taken probably 10 Rumble classes now and have had a different instructor each time; I'm not exaggerating when I say each one has been excellent. That's because Rumble only picks the best of the best.

"All potential instructors go through a rigorous audition process, with only a few making it as a Rumble instructor," Dagmara said. "Everything from the application to the audition process is done to ensure the highest quality of instructor. We pride ourselves on the fact that you can take any class with any instructor and the experience will be incredible."