These Tiny Olympic Gymnasts Love Taking Pictures With Supertall Athletes

For gymnasts, being short is totally an advantage. These powerfully petite young women catapult their bodies into the air for tucks, turns, tumbles, and twists, so any excess height might inhibit their ability to get the rotations and height they need to get the gold.

As such, they totally embrace their height and love taking pictures with athletes from other sports — particularly basketball and volleyball — and put them on Instagram and Twitter. The disparity is a wonder to behold. Check it out.

Aly Raisman With Basketball Player Liz Cambage

Simone Biles With Volleyball Player David Lee

Ragan Smith With With Basketball Player Kevin Durant

Rebeca Andrade With Volleyball Player Alison Cerutti

Gabby Douglas With Swimmer Nathan Adrian

Madison Kocian With Baseball Player Alex Rodriguez

The Whole Squad With Kobe