10 Signs You're Healthy — Regardless of What the Scale Says

When most of us think about our health, we seem to focus on our weight alone and where we may fall on the BMI index. Or oftentimes, we judge ourselves by the most demanding of critics, the one in our own mirrored reflection. However, there are numerous signs that can safely gauge your health that have nothing to do with the numbers on the scale or amount of cellulite on your hips. Here are some overlooked ways to assess the state of your health and hopefully find something you can both improve and feel better about!

  • You're regular: Having healthy and regular bowel movements is pretty important not just for your digestive system but also your entire body. When you go every day, toxins are eliminated and you ultimately avoid inflammation from spreading through your body. We won't say much about the appearance of what ends up in the toilet, but make sure it's not bloody or loose. 'Nuff said.
  • Your urine is clear: When you're hydrating properly, your urine will be light yellow or clear, and that's a good sign that your kidneys are functioning as they're supposed to. Anytime you see dark urine, you need to chug a glass of water, quick.
  • Regular menstruation: The typical period cycle can range anywhere from 21 to 35 days, so if your period isn't coming regularly between those times, you may need to get that looked at. Regular, monthly periods that last two to seven days are a good indication that your reproductive system is working optimally.
  • You can handle emotional stress: This is so easy to overlook because we're always working under the duress of stress so we don't notice when our reactions become automated and unmanageable. Using the help of a therapist totally counts as managing your emotional burden, by the way.
  • You have clear skin: Adult acne aside, if you're having hormonal acne outbreaks or other skin-related issues, you may have some underlining health concern. Skin is our largest organ, and if it doesn't show signs of distress, it's a great indicator of good health.
  • You move your body regularly: Whether you're running marathons or doing a 10-minute foam roller stretch every morning, as long as you make the effort to move your body in a meaningful way every day, you're doing great!
  • You eat mindfully: Eating mindfully doesn't mean you have to be on a strict diet. It just means that you eat until you're full and then you stop. Also, you are conscious of eating your fruits and veggies while avoiding processed foods.
  • You have good friends: Studies show time and time again that friends are incredibly beneficial to our health. So make time for those girls' nights!
  • You rarely get sick: It's normal to catch a virus or a cold every now and then, but if you're constantly battling something or other, chances are your immune system is crying out for help. If you can't remember the last time you got sick, you must be doing something right!
  • You sleep peacefully: If you're not having trouble falling (or staying) asleep most nights, consider yourself lucky. Irregular sleep patterns can indicate serious issues like as sleep apnea, insomnia, or gastroesophageal reflux disorder.