Try This Fun Star Wars Leg Day Challenge For an Out-of-This-World Burnout

Sharona Gaasendam, creator of the Sharona's Hill fitness on YouTube, celebrated May 4 (aka Star Wars Day: "May the fourth be with you!") by sharing a franchise-themed challenge that's all about the lower body. The idea is to complete six reps of Jedi lightsaber lunges, which are essentially lunges combined with a woodchop motion, then six reps of Chewbacca jump squats. Yes, just put your hands out like the Wookiee warrior, and feel your quads and glutes working. In her Instagram post, she said that you can modify these to regular squats if needed.

Gaasendam, who is based in the UK and confirmed that she's en route to becoming a certified personal trainer, told POPSUGAR that people could also combine the two exercises and complete the same total number of reps instead of separating them (she demonstrates that in the video above). She noted, though, that it may be easier to separate the two moves. Regardless of whatever format you choose, complete four total rounds for a leg day finisher or a quick session if you're short on time. In the event that you want to do this as a standalone session, Gaasendam mentioned that you can always double your reps. What's next? Darth Vader V-ups?