Run — Don't Walk — 'Cause Aldi's Selling High-Protein Ice Cream Pints For Just $3

Clear some space on those freezer shelves and get ready to edit your weekly grocery shopping list, folks. Aldi just started selling a high-protein, low-calorie ice cream by Sundae Shoppe, and you're going to want to devour it by the shovelful. The healthy pints come in three flavors — chocolate, vanilla bean, and mint chip — each of which contains either 20 or 24 grams of protein. Helloooo, guilt-free nighttime indulgence!

If Sundae Shoppe's ice creams look familiar to you, it's likely because their packaging bears a striking resemblance to that of Halo Top, the protein-packed pints that have won over health-conscious foodies. The difference between Sundae Shoppe and Halo Top's low-fat dessert pints, however, lies in the price points. Sundae Shoppe's high-protein ice cream is being sold for $3 in various Aldi locations, which is about half the price of some Halo Top price tags, depending on where you purchase it from. Consider us sold!

Ahead, get a peek at Aldi's newest healthy frozen dessert so you know how to find them in the store's aisles, and then get the lowdown on our favorite healthy ice creams on the market.

The Limited-Time Find Costs Just $3 at Select Stores

The Packaging Looks Eerily Similar to That of Halo Top

It Comes in 3 Different Flavors

The Chocolate Flavor Has 24 Grams of Protein

The Mint Chip Flavor Has Been Described as "Delicious"

Here's What the Actual Ice Cream Looks Like

Consider Us Sold!