5 Ways to Still Enjoy Your Family 5K This Season

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The holidays are most definitely times to celebrate family and friends and enjoy tradition. Although, many of us will be enjoying our holidays a lot differently, whether that means skipping the usual travels altogether or opting for smaller festivities. One tradition that will undoubtedly take on a new form is a Turkey Trot or other holiday-centric 5K. For many families, a morning run on Thanksgiving jump-starts the day. And although this won't (and shouldn't!) look the same as races past, this year's 5K tradition can still be a fun one to embrace.

Here are five ways to keep with tradition and still get in your workout.

Set Up a Meaningful Route

Because in-person races are a total no-go this year, if you and your immediate pod are still keen to race, why not make the route a special one? Sure, a few laps around the neighborhood would work, but if there's a friend or family member you're not able to celebrate with that day, consider running by their house or apartment for a "drive-by" wave. Or perhaps there's a park or trail that has meaning to your pod. It might be just the time to pay that old route a visit.

Make It a Relay

It can be hard enough to keep motivated and excited about fitness around the holidays, but especially when you're not able to be with family or friends in the same way. But I've found a great way to keep on track with my goals is to partner up or involve friends and family in my workouts. In this case, turning your virtual race into an opportunity for a relay could be a unique route. Take on a few miles yourself, then pass off either in real time or virtually to a friend or family member. This way the whole workout is dependent upon everyone keeping each other accountable and motivated.

Dress the Part

Now listen, I'm not advocating for turkey costumes or matching tees (but by all means, if that's your speed, I won't stop you!), but rather try motivating yourself and your running crew with some new apparel to keep you toasty and ready come virtual race day. Consider all scooping up the same hat or, better yet, scoring the same masks. My current favorite outdoor fall running mask is the UA Sportsmask ($30), which boasts serious performance-ready Iso Chill fabric that's built to move and sweat.

Offer Prizes

OK, these don't have to be anything fancy, but a little friendly competition doesn't hurt. For those who are spending a lot of family time together from now until 2021, bringing a little fun back into the mix may ease some of the stressful times. Agree that the winner of this race gets an extra slice of pie or is exempt from chores for the day. Competing with friends and family from afar? Perhaps the "losers" all Venmo the winner $5 for a cup of coffee! A little incentive keeps things creative and makes your workout more than a chore.

Go Totally Remote

There are some of us who aren't spending any holiday time with family this year. And that's totally OK! Involve your entire group. Set up a Strava challenge or event, and ask your running crew across the country to join you for your miles. Even if you're running alone this holiday season, you won't really ever be alone if you take it all totally remote.