If Trader Joe's Eggnog Greek Yogurt Isn't in Your Fridge, You're Doing the Holidays Wrong

'Tis the season to fill your shopping cart with all of the holiday goodies, and Trader Joe's has a brand-new yogurt you'll want to stock up on! The Trader Joe's Greek Whole Milk Eggnog Yogurt is in stores now, and it'll inspire you to make the transition from all things pumpkin spice to nutmeg-spiced, eggnog-flavored snacks. Shared by Instagram account Trader Joe's Gluten Free (which, by the way, is a gold mine), the festive Greek yogurt is gluten-free and made with whole ingredients, like milk, cream, nutmeg, an eggnog base with real sugar and egg yolk, and natural coloring agents like turmeric and annatto. With more experts spouting the benefits of full-fat dairy, we're excited to have this option in our breakfast rotation. You can click the right arrows on the Instagram gallery to see the full snapshot of the nutritional info.

This exciting release comes shortly after the launch of Trader Joe's Almond Nog, proving it's just a really good time to do your holiday shopping at TJ's. If dairy-free eggnog isn't your thing and you're game for having some healthy(ish) 'nog for breakfast, try the new yogurt for yourself ASAP.