Meet the 23 Players on the US Women's National Team in Pursuit of Their 4th World Cup Title

The 2019 FIFA Women's World Cup kicked off on June 7, and we're predicting this to be one of the most competitive Women's World Cups to date. The US women's team is going into the competition with a target on their backs as they attempt to defend their 2015 World Cup title and secure their fourth World Cup title. The depth and talent of the US women's team will be tough to match with standout rookies and veterans strategically dispersed on the field. Ahead of the US kickoff, familiarize yourself with the 23 players representing the US.


Christen Press

Position: forward
Number: 23

On the field, Christen is known for her speed and prowess. If she possesses the ball, you can guarantee she's going to shoot and more than likely score. She's scored so many goals throughout her career that they call her "The Boot." This is her second World Cup appearance.


Megan Rapinoe

Position: forward
Number: 15

The powerful and energetic forward is outspoken, strong, and a champion for equal rights on and off the field. She's going into her first World Cup appearance as the cocaptain, and we're excited to watch her rack up goals and assists.


Alex Morgan

Position: forward
Number: 13

You've probably heard of Alex Morgan, but if not, you need to follow her ASAP. She's a 2012 Olympic Gold medalist and one of three captains for the women's team. This is her third World Cup appearance.


Crystal Dunn

Position: defender
Number: 19

One of Crystal's biggest strengths on the field is that she can play every position: forward, midfielder, and defender. This is her first World Cup, and we know when she's on the field, it's going to be difficult to stop her.


Mallory Pugh

Position: forward
Number: 2

Get ready to hear Mal's name nonstop from this point on. She has speed and agility and is a dominant force on the field. You won't want to take your eyes off of her.


Julie Ertz

Position: midfielder
Number: 8

Julie is one of the vets on the women's national team and a powerhouse on the field. This is her second World Cup, and we're looking forward to watching her dominate the field.


Rose Lavelle

Position: midfielder
Number: 16

Rose's footwork and creativity with the ball make her difficult to defend. This will be her first World Cup appearance; something tells us she's ready to reveal some new tricks.


Carli Lloyd

Position: forward
Number: 10

Carli is a veteran when it comes to competing at the highest levels. She has three Olympic appearances under her belt (2008, 2012, and 2016), and this will be her fourth World Cup appearance. Carli is also one of three captains on the team.


Alyssa Naeher

Position: goalkeeper
Number: 1

This is Alyssa's debut World Cup appearance, and she'll be the starting goalie for the team.


Ashlyn Harris

Position: goalkeeper
Number: 18

This is Ashlyn's second World Cup appearance, and she's doing it with her fiancée and teammate, Ali Krieger, by her side. She's a veteran on the team, and we're looking for her to help lead the US to success.


Kelley O'Hara

Position: defender
Number: 5

This is Kelley's third World Cup, and we know the team is going to look to her for advice and to keep their energy up. She's an attacking defender (she started off as a forward), so don't be surprised if you see her moving the ball up the field toward the opposing team's goal.


Tobin Heath

Position: forward
Number: 17

Tobin is the nutmeg queen. Nope, not the spice. We're talking about when someone kicks the ball through the defensive player's legs. Needless to say, she has great footwork and is hard to defend. This is Tobin's third World Cup appearance.


Emily Sonnett

Position: defender
Number: 14

Emily is known for being a jokester, but when it's game time, she's in the zone and it's hard to get past her. This is her first World Cup team, and we're excited to watch her shut down the competition.


Ali Krieger

Position: defender
Number: 11

Ali was an integral part of the defense at the 2011 World Cup. She is great under pressure and will be competing alongside her fiancée, Ashlyn Harris.


Abby Dahlkemper

Position: defender
Number: 7

Abby's got a winning record, which is why we're glad she's representing the US national team. This is her first World Cup, but she's got the skill of a veteran.


Tierna Davidson

Position: defender
Number: 12

Tierna is making her first World Cup experience as the youngest player on the team. She has serious skill as a defender and will make it extremely difficult for the opposing team to get anywhere near the goal.


Becky Sauerbrunn

Position: defender
Number: 14

This will be Becky's second time competing on the US women's national team at the World Cup. She's an experienced defender, and with her on the field, we know the US goal is always protected.


Morgan Brian

Position: midfielder
Number: 6

This is the second time Morgan will be playing for the US at the World Cup, and we're excited she's back on the team.


Adrianna Franch

Position: goalkeeper
Number: 21

Reaction time, agility, hand-eye coordination, and fearlessness are a few must-have traits of every great goalkeeper; Adrianna has all of them. This will be her first World Cup appearance, and we're confident that if she's in the goal, it's going to be hard to score on her.


Lindsey Horan

Position: midfielder
Number: 9

Lindsey was the first female soccer player to go straight from high school to the pros, according to the USWNT's official site. She's got quite the professional résumé, and she's just getting started. This will be her first World Cup appearance.


Allie Long

Position: midfielder
Number: 20

Allie played for the US at the 2016 Olympic Games and will be making her World Cup debut in France. She has an offensive mindset and is guaranteed to keep the competition on their toes.


Jessica McDonald

Position: forward
Number: 22

She's strong, fast, and hard to stop on the field. This is Jessica's first World Cup, and we know she's going to give 110 percent every time she hits the field.


Samantha Mewis

Position: midfielder
Number: 3

Called an "impact player" by the USWNT's official site, Samantha is going to be a breakout star. She was an alternate for the 2016 Olympics team and is now playing in her first World Cup.