What You Need to Know Before Signing Up For a Race

Dreaming of signing up for a race? We say: do it! But before you do, here are a few things to think about in order to pick the right race for you.

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  • What kind of runner you are: Before you sign up for a marathon, be truthful about how much you currently run. If you only get out on the road once a month, for example, starting small, with a 5K or 10K, is the safest option until you ramp up your running routine. If you've been running regularly three to four times a week, you're probably ready for a longer challenge, like a half marathon.
  • Your goal: Now that you have in mind what kind of race you'd like to do, it's time to pick a goal. It's great to pick a time you're aiming for, but it doesn't always have to be the time on the clock. Making to the finish line, completing your training plan, or running for the entire time, no matter how fast or slow, pick a goal, share it with your friends, and get running!
  • Your schedule: If you're signing up for a race, you'll need to factor in cross-training workouts, long weekend runs, and after-work miles. Make sure you've thought about the commitment your race will take before you start so you set yourself up for success.
  • Your shoe brand: Enthusiastically buying the first cute pair of Nikes you see on sale online could be a big mistake. You want to feel comfortable and confident while you train for your race, which means going to a running shoe store and getting professionally fitted. There are so many differences between each brand and model of running shoes that having a pro talk you through so you can make the right selection it is important.
  • Your race style: Are you dreaming of a destination race? Can't wait to get dirty at a Mud Run? Narrowing down whether you want to start with something small and local or do it big and plan a girls' trip around it can make pulling the trigger and signing up an easy decision to make.