Every Question You've Wanted to Ask About Male Ballet Dancers, Answered

When watching a ballet performance and admiring the strength, grace, and sheer talent of the dancers, your first reaction is probably, "Wow!" For nondancers, the entire world of ballet can seem mysterious; tales of rigorous training, broken bones, and steep competition never fail to pique interest in the art form. And though we've heard from professional ballerinas about their workout regimens and dancer diets, there are plenty of things that we've always wanted to know about being a male dancer in the world of ballet.

That's why we're so excited about a recent Reddit AMA from a 17-year-old semi-pro dancer, in which he discusses everything from harmful stereotypes to exactly how guys deal with the, uh, tights situation. And while you might have a healthy appreciation for male dancers' toned physiques, prepare to feel even more impressed after reading about his daily exercise and workload.


The pay is, generally, not great.


Breaking toes is basically a rite of passage.


A supportive family means everything to a young dancer.


The workout regimen is absolutely grueling.


You become a master at correcting posture.


Ballet, jazz, and tap go hand in hand for trained dancers.


The key to living a full life as a dancer is balance.