We Couldn't Agree More With Cameron Diaz! Her Must-Have Healthy Pantry Staple

Cameron Diaz spent some time on the The Dr. Oz Show getting (really) real about her bathroom rituals, but she also shared a far more appetizing secret from her new book: the benefits of nutritional yeast. Source: Getty

Thinkstock | Stephanie Frey

Typically found in powder or flake form, nutritional yeast is cultivated from a deactivated yeast strain, and as Cameron can attest, it's more palatable than it sounds. The actress told Dr. Oz she adds nutritional yeast to eggs, salad, and even oatmeal, since it "tastes just like parmesan cheese." Beyond the flavor factor, nutritional yeast is an easy way to incorporate more B vitamins into a plant-based diet without taking additional supplements.

Once you pick up nutiritional yeast at your local health food store, it's time to get creative in the kitchen. Check out some our favorite ways to sprinkle it on.

  • Curried kale chips: After falling hard for the Bombay Curry flavor of Rhythm Superfoods kale chips, we couldn't wait to create a homemade version. These curry kale chips make use of nutritional yeast and are also high in fiber and iron.
  • Mac and "cheese": Vegan eaters who have missed the comfort of classic mac will find a new favorite in this mac and "cheese". In this tasty recipe, nutritional yeast, Smart Balance spread, and veggie broth come together for a creamy, decadent-tasting sauce.
  • Dressed-up popcorn: The low-calorie and low-fat snacking staple is essential for any Oscars spread — as long as you skip the butter. Shake on nutritional yeast generously on top for a fresh take on the favorite.

Photo: Michele Foley