6 Things You Need to Know About Figure Skater Ashley Wagner

Three-time national figure skating champion Ashley Wagner's personality shines both on and off the ice. While the star ended in fourth place at the 2018 national championship and missed a spot on the Olympic figure skating team, no one can deny that Ashley has been unapologetically taking the sport by storm. Here are six things you need to know about her when she's not on the ice.

She's an Army brat

Ashley's father was in the US Army, so she grew up in a strict military family. They lived all over the world, including Germany and across the US. Moving around a lot and always being the new kid made Ashley shy, so she used figure skating as her outlet.

She works out off the ice

Ashley stays in shape by keeping her workouts interesting. In addition to her regular practice, she loves to bicycle and do resistance band work for the smaller muscles.

Skating runs in her family

Along with countless people all over the world, Ashley inspired her little brother, Austin Wagner, to pick up figure skating, and he went on to compete at the national level.

She's a beach babe

She may spend most of her time on the ice, but she loves the beach as well. Ashley currently lives in Southern California, where the ocean is always a short drive away.

She defies stereotypes

Ashley has surprised the world in more ways than one by defying stereotypes left and right. She is outspoken about being body positive, supports the Wounded Warrior Project, and didn't let critics of her age stop her from competing for the Olympics.

She's honest and real

Even though she's an Olympic figure skater and has devoted her life to the sport, Ashley is still as relatable as she is charming. She'll admit to falling asleep with a bag of chips in her hand, easily forgets people's names, and loves her cat, Dexter.