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blass15339152 blass15339152 3 years
So Ashley Wagner uses her axx as part of the skating process, so what. She was picked because she's lilly white and just a hair better looking than the china woman. Makes for better USA publicity.
libby2130 libby2130 3 years
I have no idea why my post is repeated so many time??
libby2130 libby2130 3 years
did anyone watch marai's long program? it was very CAREFULLY choreographed so she got breaks , things were spaced out where there were gaps so she could was really obvious and the announcers mentioned it during the performance.
Stephen15336786 Stephen15336786 3 years
I totally understand the decision! Gotta go with the hotter girl so non-fans like me will watch. While we're at it, let's leave the fugly girl home and bring the Asian anyway. She was semi-cute at least.
Kathi15316364 Kathi15316364 3 years
This selection process is crap!!
Glenn15316086 Glenn15316086 3 years
This selection process is correct and should be used for more U.S. Olympic sports. As a U.S. Track & Field Official I would rather send someone who has had a great season not 1 great meet. My sport has the Oylmpic Trials and I've seen atheltes who have won all season trip, slip or not make trials due to injury and not go to the big show. Other countries chose a team based on what you have done or may do not on one competition. Skating has it right on this. Nowhere in the skating bylaws does it say the top three in the U.S. Championships automatically go to the games.
Joel15297535 Joel15297535 3 years
The sad fact is that our Olympic athletes are not chosen for their athletic ability, but for political reasons. Ashley is most likely better connected politically, and fits the image of what the Commission want's an American female athlete to look like. It's perfectly obvious the choice was purely political. She fell during the try-out, which should've been an automatic deal-breaker. But she is tall, cute, and her family probably donated a lot of money to the Olympics, and political candidates. Positions on the US Olympic Teams are obviously not won anymore...they are bought and paid for, at least in some instances. Mirai was clearly the better skater, as the judges themselves acknowledged with their scores. Mirai is now just another victim of US politics, like most of the rest of us. But it's OK. If she suffers mental issues over this, ObamaCare says that she can keep her psychiatrist if she likes him/her.
Karen15294040 Karen15294040 3 years
Mirai was not robbed. She won her medal in this competition as she earned it. However, being chosen for the Olympics is decided on other inclusive criteria. Plus, Mirai has in fact been to the Olympics before and had an opportunity to compete. I have watched Mirai and Ashley over and over and over....Ashley is more polished and consistent. That doesn't mean Mirai is a bad skater. In fact she is amazing. When people say that this competition usually spells out the team they are correct when the skaters have been consistent. In this case, Ashley fell on two jumps and lost that edge. Beyond that, her program was better executed than Mirai (Mirai still got a medal; especially due to crowd support). I think the panel is banking Ashley will work out the jump technique quirks; she has everything else.
Irene15290454 Irene15290454 3 years
Seems to me that the officials based their decision on hair color, NOT skating performance! The officials chose ALL blondes to represent the USA. Ashley's performances on the ice were not good, whereas Mirai's performances were grand!
Joseph15289026 Joseph15289026 3 years
I'm glad to see they took the body of her work. The US system of being hot for the trial is one of the only countries that pick their Olympians in that matter. It's very difficult to peak twice in a matter of one month. Unless of course you are in a different class as everyone else . Other sports in the US are now using a non one time trial . Rowing is best out of 3 races plus consideration of pre trial competition. It may seem un american but it's a lot better for the athlete. If you listen tot he commentators they were already stating that Ms Wagner would be placed on the team.
Denisse15280857 Denisse15280857 3 years
This is so wrong. Mirai skated a cleaner, stronger program then Ashley did. Ashley fell twice and screwed up her chance. Her program wasn't very artistic either. Olympic team should be made up of the top 3 place winners. This is bullshit!
Leslie15275904 Leslie15275904 3 years
Why hold the competition at all if they are going on the "entire body of work" of each skater. The committee fails to take into account the minds (psychology) of the skaters. Nagasu will skate with the confidence of success. Wagner will skate with the guilt of failure, knowing she is not worthy. Ironically, the committee sets Wagner up for further failure.
hotandbothered hotandbothered 3 years
IMO, you are only as good as your last performance. This young woman was robbed!
ChristinaHowell20147 ChristinaHowell20147 3 years
That is crap. Marai should go.
1325514 1325514 3 years
She was ROBBED!!!
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