If You Are Emotionally Eating or Overeating or Have Increased Cravings, These Memes Can Relate

While scrolling through Instagram for some creative home workout inspiration and delicious comfort food recipes to whip up, I came across a very insensitive post joking about gaining the "Quarantine 15." I stopped scrolling instantly and felt physically ill.

For the love of brownies, chips, and all things pasta, worrying about gaining weight is not what you should be thinking about right now! Of course, I instantly felt better when I scrolled past that crappy post and saw posts like these telling me whatever my food choices were, whatever eating habits I was having, they were normal and expected.

If you're finding yourself eating all day, eating more than you normally eat, eating foods you normally don't reach for, not moving as much, and stress eating, these Instagram memes — many from intuitive-eating and antidiet registered dietitians — will make you feel a million times more at ease.

"My hope for you this week is that you remember these eight things as you continue on with your days, likely spending a lot more time at home than you're used to."

"Please for the love of everything just don't! Weight gain is normal it is not a punchline!"

"You may be eating differently while social distancing and that's okay. Food is more than macros and points and grams of protein. Food is also way we show love."

"Also a great time to throw it away."

"Eat how you want to eat, without guilt or shame, and exercise if you want to, but if not, don't feel guilty about that either! This is a great opportunity to really prioritize self-care (which doesn't involve pursuing weight loss!)."

"Give yourself compassion - and know this is a normal human response to life."

"It is TOTALLY okayyy to be sitting on your couch with your favorite bag of whatever makes you feel good and comforted!"

"Breathe! Focus on doing your part and spreading safety throughout the world by staying in your homes! And be kind to yourself even when the food challenges feel hard. You are not alone!"

"Have compassion for yourself if you're going through some ups and downs with food right now. Above all, the priority is getting enough food and doing the best you can to take care of yourself with whatever means you have available. Don't worry if it's not perfectly 'balanced.'"

"If there was ever a time to be understanding and compassionate with the changes of your body, it would be during a shelter-in-place global pandemic."

"Allow your breath to naturally flow and repeat these words: may I be gentle with my body. May I be kind to it for all it needs right now. May I have gratitude for all the ways my body is wise. May I have forgiveness for all the ways I perceive that my body has failed me. May I have understanding that my body has always been one of the wisest parts of me. May I be kind to you body. I will be kind to you in all you bring me through."

"You eat what you damn well please, especially while we're all just doing the best we can."

"So, my friend, there's no shame in your carb game. Your body needs them. Enjoy."

"Laughter is really important right now, but not when it comes at the expense of weight stigma and mental health."

"In a time of incredible insecurity, fear, overwhelm, sadness, anger, and frustration, it makes sense that our needs for nourishment and comfort ramp up.

Regardless of what's up with your eating, try to offer yourself some self-compassion."

"It's more important than ever to be kind to yourself, and look after your mental health by blocking out unhelpful thoughts around food and your body."

"Diet culture distracts us from the self-care and community care that we need to be focusing on right now."

"Do NOT stress over whether something is fresh, frozen, bagged, or canned right now. Just do the best you can."

"Guess what?? It's okay to eat for comfort. It's okay to eat what sounds good. It's okay that the gym is closed and your daily movement looks different right now. Living in your body does not require you to constantly 'manage' your body. Treat her with love and she will be just fine. "

"There is no right way to feel or deal with the crazy circumstances we are facing together, but if there is one thing we know: it's to keep diet culture the hell out of the COVID-19 crisis."

"Every single thing you eat this week is guilt-free! Because guilt is not an ingredient.

All foods are guilt-free and none are "bad" or "good". Food has different nutritional content, yes. We eat different foods for different reasons, yes. But when we label a food as "bad" or ourselves as "bad" for eating that food, we all lose."