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Why You Shouldn't Worry About Eating or Weight Gain Memes

If You Are Emotionally Eating or Overeating or Have Increased Cravings, These Memes Can Relate

While scrolling through Instagram for some creative home workout inspiration and delicious comfort food recipes to whip up, I came across a very insensitive post joking about gaining the "Quarantine 15." I stopped scrolling instantly and felt physically ill.

For the love of brownies, chips, and all things pasta, worrying about gaining weight is not what you should be thinking about right now! Of course, I instantly felt better when I scrolled past that crappy post and saw posts like these telling me whatever my food choices were, whatever eating habits I was having, they were normal and expected.

If you're finding yourself eating all day, eating more than you normally eat, eating foods you normally don't reach for, not moving as much, and stress eating, these Instagram memes β€” many from intuitive-eating and antidiet registered dietitians β€” will make you feel a million times more at ease.

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