If You Didn't Love Team USA Before, You're Bound to After This

If you're not watching the Women's World Cup, here's what you've missed: Team USA's electrifying performances against some of the top teams in the world, including a tense 2-0 victory over number-one-ranked Germany on Tuesday. The US team is headed to Sunday's final (against Japan), and while it's obvious that the 23 women possess amazing talent, drive, and fearlessness, their team chemistry can't be denied either. At a pre-World Cup press conference, player after player couldn't stop talking about their admiration for their fellow teammates. If you didn't already love Team USA before, you're bound to after reading some of our favorite quotes from the superstar team.


Getty | Jana Chytilova/Freestyle Photo

Julie Johnston on playing alongside her role models: "The best part about it is that the 22 people that are all next to me are all on the same page, and those are the ones that I'm playing for. I'm going to do 100 percent of what they're going to ask me to do, and that's just going to make me feel more confident on the field."

Morgan Brian on being the youngest player (at 22) on the team: "The experience that [the older players] bring to the table is a lot different. They teach us how to play like a professional. A lot of it is off the field; you watch how players deal with their bodies off the field and how they mentally prepare for games. That's cool to watch."

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Lauren Holiday on being at her second World Cup and mentoring younger teammates: "I remember how nervous I was going to Germany [for the 2011 World Cup] and just how wide-eyed I was, and now it's just cool to recognize other players like that and just encourage them and say, 'Hey, that's OK. That's the best part — you're going into this excited and nervous and [experiencing] all those emotions.'"

Meghan Klingenberg on her confidence about her teammates: "I don't think we need surprises to win. If we play the way that we know that we can, then we should create quality chances and put in good performances, and if we do that, we'll be able to win games."