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Aldi Offers Delivery Through Instacart

Sick of Waiting in Lines? Aldi Is Now Offering Delivery in These 3 Cities!

There are plenty of reasons to be obsessed with Aldi from its ridiculously affordable prices to its crave-inducing snacks. But the latest announcement from the German grocery chain has officially supercharged our infatuation. Aldi will begin offering delivery service for the first time in three lucky cities: Atlanta, Dallas, and Los Angeles.

Starting on Aug. 31, Aldi customers in those three cities can have groceries delivered straight to their doorsteps, thanks to the store's partnership with Instacart , Business Insider reports. In order to use the service, shoppers must simply visit or download the Instacart app, add their items of choice to a virtual shopping cart, and select a desired delivery window ranging from an hour up to a week later. Yes, you can actually get your groceries delivered within an hour of placing an order, so if you're too lazy to wait in line at Aldi on the way home from work, you can still have your dinner ingredients ready for you at the virtual drop of a hat. Score!

If you're a diehard Aldi advocate but don't live in one of the three aforementioned cities, don't fret! The grocer has plans to expand the service across the country if it's initially successful. BRB, permanently crossing our fingers that we're located in one of the future chosen cities!

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