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McDonald's Minions Banana Cone

McDonald's New Soft Serve Flavor Will Make You Go Bananas — Get It?

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McDonald's is going bananas over Despicable Me's lovable Minions. To celebrate the upcoming third installment in the franchise — yes, really — McDonald's Singapore has created a limited-edition menu inspired by those little yellow guys. While there are plenty of other exciting additions, we have to address the Banana Cone.

The Banana Cone is a lot like McDonald's usual vanilla soft serve; however, the ice cream is instead banana-flavored and the crispy cone is blue! In case you hadn't pieced it all together yet, the Banana Cone is meant to resemble the funny physique of a Minion. In addition, the banana flavor is a nod to their inexplicable obsession with the fruit.

According to Instagram, the $1 treat has been a big hit. Several people have compared the flavor to banana milk, like Nesquik's nostalgic mix. Unfortunately, no announcements have been made about the dessert's potential availability in the United States. In the meantime, enjoy sunny pictures of the Banana Cone ahead.

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