Excuse Us While We Spread Aldi's 2 New Breakfast Hummus Flavors on Every Single Thing

Aldi's shelves are packed with delicious foods, and the grocery store is adding another gem in August: two new breakfast hummus flavors! Yep, if you didn't know breakfast hummus was a thing, you do now, and it. is. glorious. Everything Bagel Hummus and Lemon Poppy Seed Hummus are new this month, and we truly want to slather them on everything: cookies, crackers, veggies, our fingers — no judgment! While both sound like a perfect addition to a breakfast menu, we actually think we might be snacking on either flavor all day long.

Everything Bagel Hummus takes inspiration from the popular bagel flavor that, while not flavored with everything, is usually flavored with garlic, onion, sesame seeds, salt, pepper, poppy seeds, and more. You could easily dip some veggies in this hummus to get the flavor of an everything bagel without actually eating it. Or you could go all in and put Everything Bagel Hummus on an everything bagel for the ultimate experience.

If the Lemon Poppy Seed is anything like the beloved lemon poppy seed muffin, it might be a little on the sweeter side and be an ideal dessert hummus with some shortbread cookies or something similar. Also, these hummuses retail for just under $2 each, so it really doesn't get any better! OK, our mouths are definitely watering now, so we're going to head to the closest Aldi to pick up a tub of each flavor and we suggest you go and do the same. We'll also be keeping an eye out for this giant box of Rosé sangria too . . . just because.