Churro, Sriracha, Maple Bacon, and Other Popcorn Flavors You Can Try at Disney

The Main Street Popcorn is a snack staple at Disney's various parks throughout the nation and the world. Though popcorn is a decidedly bigger deal at Tokyo DisneySea — seriously, they have some crazy flavors — our stateside options aren't too shabby. In addition to more traditional flavors, Main Street Popcorn recently added a strew up unexpected flavors like maple bacon, parmesan garlic, and even Sriracha kettle corn. One of our personal favorites is the colorful confetti flavor wherein each kernel has a different fruity flavor from grape to cherry and blue raspberry. That being said, the churro flavor is a serious crowd-pleaser.



Maple Bacon


Sriracha Kettle Corn

Kettle Corn

Blueberry Almond

Parmesan Garlic

Caramel With Cashews and Almonds


Butter Toffee Almond

Kettle Corn With Red Alaea Salt