These Glittery Gothic Pumpkin Churros Match Your Dark, Twisted Soul

Gothic churros have arrived to take the place of regular churros for good — well, for Halloween at least. An ultrapopular churro and soft-serve spot called The Loop in Southern California has dreamed up the coolest black churros to get people in the spooky spirit this October, and if you relate to all things as black as your soul, this dessert will seriously speak to you. The Halloween Night Glazed Loop Churros are covered in pumpkin spice sugar, black pumpkin glaze, and sparkling crystals that make them shimmer.

The Loop has also introduced a charcoal tiramisu soft serve meant to be eaten with the black churros — a pair that many people are photographing for the chicest food Instagrams you've seen all season. If soft serve isn't your thing, you can also opt for the activated charcoal horchata, which completes the look just as perfectly! Take a look at some of the best photos of the Halloween Night Glazed Loop Churros that will give you all the gothic vibes.