OMG: Cap'n Crunch Now Has Pancake Mix With Cereal Pieces in It AND Ocean Blue Maple Syrup

Just when you think cereal can't get any more creative (Peeps cereal! Fruity Pebbles that turn your milk pink!), the Captain — er, Cap'n — himself comes in and pulls a major wild card. Cap'n Crunch and Aunt Jemima have joined forces and are releasing two new products in March: Cap'n Crunch's Berrytastic Pancake Mix and Cap'n Crunch's Ocean Blue Maple Flavored Syrup.

Putting a colorful spin on a timeless classic, Cap'n Crunch's Berrytastic Pancake Mix has Crunch Berry-inspired pieces in it, adding an extra punch of flavor (and crunch) to Aunt Jemima's original buttermilk pancake mix. And since you can't have pancakes without syrup, the duo gave a little makeover to Aunt Jemima's classic syrup. Cap'n Crunch's Ocean Blue Maple Flavored Syrup tastes like regular syrup but brings a playful burst of Cap'n Crunch blue to the breakfast staple. Blue syrup! What a world.

Both products will be available at Walmart stores across the United States later in March, so be sure to stock up once you see them on shelves.