Chris Harrison Created a 100-Calorie Canned Rosé, Just in Time For The Bachelor's Finale

In perhaps one of the most on-brand moves of all time, Chris Harrison just launched his very own canned Rosé drink, and the "will you accept this Rosé?" puns practically write themselves. The beloved host of The Bachelor worked closely with boozy beverage company Seagram's Escapes to develop its new Tropical Rosé flavor, choosing the combination of passion fruit and dragon fruit notes himself. I suppose we can add "fruity flavor purveyor" to the reality star's ever-growing laundry list of titles, right alongside trusty final-rose announcer, expert advice provider, and unfailing "most dramatic season ever" promiser.

At just 100 calories per can, Seagram's Escapes' Tropical Rosé contains 3.2 percent ABV, which is ideal for avoiding those post-Bachelor hangovers on Tuesday mornings. The "light, sweet, and refreshing" drink is now rolling out to stores nationwide in four-pack boxes decorated with a beachy Bachelor in Paradise-esque theme — and Chris's smiling face, of course. We wouldn't be surprised if BIP bartender Wells Adams serves these up at the Playa Escondida Resort in Mexico this Summer!