Costco's Edible Brownie Batter Is Made For Dipping Cookies, Strawberries, and More

Sorry, Mom, but if I'm whipping up a fresh batch of brownies, I do dip a finger into the bowl to sneak a taste before they hit the oven. If, like me, you have no control over your love for desserts, grab a spoon, because Costco is selling giant tubs of edible brownie batter, and my sweet tooth is a little bit in love. Much like a dessert hummus, the Delighted by Desserts Edible Brownie Batter is made with a garbanzo bean base, making it so much healthier than a bowl full of uncooked flour and raw eggs.

The brownie batter is also dairy-free, vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, nut-free, Kosher, and only has 60 calories per serving. So I may have to stock up and make some room in the fridge next to the edible cookie dough. The batter, available for $6 per eight-ounce container at Target, also comes in a 24-ounce container for $7 at Costco. While you try to decide just how much brownie batter needs to make its way into your life ASAP, take a closer look at the chocolaty dessert here.