I'm Sorry, Did Costco Think It Could Drop These Cookies-and-Cream Cupcakes Without Us Noticing?

I consider myself an amateur baker after working my way through sourdough bread and oh-so-many chocolate chip cookies at home, but I'm ready to give my KitchenAid the night off after seeing Costco's new Cookies and Cream cupcakes. Let's leave the baking to the professionals, shall we? After eagle-eyed foodie @costcobuys spotted a 12-pack of these sweet treats for $11, I knew a trip was in my future.

The cupcakes are made with a yellow cake base, a chocolate chip mousse, and an actual chocolate chip cookie on top. So yes, I'll take all 12, thank you very much! It's unclear exactly which Costco bakeries will be carrying this dessert, so make sure you call ahead to your closest location before making a trip. Happy snacking!