Hot Cheetos-Infused Vanilla Ice Cream Is Real, and We Can't Help but Say Hot Damn!

We've seen Flamin' Hot Cheetos macarons, elote, bagels, and now there's . . . ice cream! Drill'd Ice Cream in Fountain Valley, CA, has a special ice cream called Hot as Hell, which is "a blend of vanilla ice cream and Hot Cheetos topped with crushed Hot Cheetos."

Take a minute to absorb that description, because if you love Hot Cheetos, then this is right up your alley. You get the satisfaction of having the chips mixed in with the ice cream and also dusted on top, lending the perfect texture and extra flavor. You can order it in a cup, a regular cone, or a unicone (a unicorn-inspired cone), so get ready to savor this swirly fire-and-ice combination.