Nope, This Pink McDonald's Soft Serve Isn't a Strawberry Flavor — It's Lychee!

McDonald's is known for having ridiculously cheap and tasty soft serve — when the ice cream machine is actually working, that is — but sometimes we're in the mood for a bit more flavor than its classic vanilla. That's why we're packing our bags to head to Singapore and Malaysia, because we've just discovered that the fast-food chain's restaurants located there are just casually serving up lychee-flavored ice cream — yes, really.

An exotic, summery fruit typically found in China, lychee has a pink-red, roughly textured exterior and a translucent, fleshy interior that tastes sweet yet slightly tart. The fruit is a yummy snack on its own, but we're betting it's about 10 times better in soft-serve form. Besides the unique taste, there's no denying this soft serve is beyond Instagrammable, with a pretty pastel-pink hue that's practically begging to have its photo taken.

This one-of-a-kind flavor has actually been available in McDonald's dessert kiosks in the two Asian nations since last year, but our eyes are just now being opened to its creamy, dreamy presence. Lychee-loving McDonald's customers can enjoy the frozen treat either on its own or mixed in with a swirl of vanilla soft serve. Between this mouthwatering flavor and the dulce de leche option in Mexico, it looks like we're ready to plan an entire adventure around McDonald's desserts in other countries. If you need some motivation to start planning your trip too, the snaps of this lychee-flavored treat ahead are sure to do the trick.