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McDonald's Dulce de Leche Soft Serve

What Do We Have to Do to Get This McDonald's Dulce de Leche Soft Serve?

A post shared by Amanda Azevedo (@amandadeano) on

McDonald's frequently introduces new and exciting products to keep customers hungry for more — for example, the fast-food company recently announced its launch of the Loaded Bacon and Cheese Basket of Fries in select stores across the United States. Every now and then, however, we can't help but feel a pang of jealousy as we see what McDonald's is cooking up in other nations.

That inevitable feeling again returned when we spotted the Cono de Dulce de Leche currently available in Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay. Though the sweet treat has been available in Argentina and Uruguay for some time, according to Glamour Brasil, it only recently launched in Brazil as a temporary menu item. The ice cream will be available from July 26 until August 28.

In addition to the dulce de leche flavor, customers can also receive a swirled variation that combines dulce de leche and vanilla ice cream. An individual ice cream cone costs two Brazilian real, the equivalent of 63 American cents. Though it's a long shot, we just want to put this out into the universe: we would welcome this soft-serve flavor with open arms stateside.

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