Minimalist Cakes Are a Popular New Trend, and We Can't Get Over How Beautiful They Are

A new food trend that originated in Korea and is gaining serious popularity all over the world right now is minimalist cakes. The word "minimalism" has been around for a while now when it comes to things like home decor, but the idea that less is more also works really well for food — especially cake decorations! While some of these cakes have a complex design, the overall feel is scaled way back from what we're so used to seeing on cakes: tons of decorations, lots of color, and a usually obscene amount of frosting. With designs inspired by things like pop culture and nature, these cakes are perfect for anyone who wants their dessert to stand out in a unique, understated way. Can you tell we're obsessed? Keep scrolling for 41 of our favorite examples from Instagram that may have you baking (or ordering) a minimalist cake in no time.

Happy Birthday Flower Cake

Home Sweet Home Flower and Pearl Cake

Rainbow Birthday Cake

Textured Ocean Wave Cake

Graduation Cake

Calendar Cake

Pig Cake

Swirly Month Cake

Elsa Cake

Christmas Cakes

Taylor Swift Cake

Emoji Cake

Heart-Shaped Cake

Autumn Photo Cake

Sunset Birthday Cake

Bear on the Moon Cake

Multicolor Pastel Cake

Neutral Flowers Cake

Night Sky Cake

Heart Details Cake

Weekend Cake

Gray Cake

One-Word Cake

One-Color Cake

Delicate Flower Cake

HBD Cake

Color-Border Cake

Elevated Frosting Cake

Pearl Details Cake

Spelled-Out Number Cake

Sweet Dreams Cake

Sunset Cake

Couples Cake

Vintage-Inspired Cake

Birthday Present Cake

Wedding Portrait Cake