The Salted Caramel Brownie Oreos Just Became My Favorite Late-Night Snack

POPSUGAR Photography | Mary Everett
POPSUGAR Photography | Mary Everett

While innocently browsing the cookie aisle of my local grocery store, I happened to stumble upon a shelf filled with endless, intriguing Oreo flavors. Now, I've been in an exclusive relationship with the Double-Stuf Oreo's for as long as I can remember, especially after the gluten-free version hit the shelves. I'm not usually tempted by other flavors, holiday launches, or flashy packaging. In fact, I believe the only other Oreo flavor I've indulged in was the Mint Oreo Thins since they're my boyfriend's favorite and he always has some in my pantry. But when I spotted the Salted Caramel Brownie Oreos, I knew, instantly, that they were coming home with me.

Truth be told, I'm a total chocolate-lover, and any caramel-filled chocolate is my particular sweet spot. I have approximately zero self-control when it comes to anything sweet, so naturally, that makes me extremely qualified to judge new cookie flavors. Since I also love to make brownies and always end up devouring them at night, I was hoping these could be the perfect substitute for my late-night craving. To my joy, every individual cookie had a dusting of salt, just as advertised on the packaging. To sweeten the deal, the creme is actually divided into two different sections: one for the caramel, and one for the brownie flavor.

I poured myself a big glass of oat milk, dipped my cookie in, and began the taste test. To my surprise, the salt was the very first thing I tasted. Whoever made the call to add salt to Oreos genuinely needs a raise, because I don't think I could go back to eating them plain. In terms of the creme, the brownie flavor dominated the cookie. It was hard to taste the caramel, even when I isolated the creme. It mostly tasted like an extremely chocolatey Oreo cookie covered with sea salt — which, don't get me wrong, was delicious.

POPSUGAR Photography | Mary Everett

Overall, these Oreos are genuinely very good. I thoroughly enjoyed the brownie-flavored creme and the pleasant salt surprise, but the caramel portion of the creme left more to be desired. If you're hoping for a strong caramel flavor, you may be disappointed. But, this flavor will definitely be making it into my Oreo rotation. I'll also start salting all of my Oreo's from here on out. Trust me on this one.