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Gluten-Free Oreos Review | Photos

I Tried Oreo's New Gluten-Free Mint Cookies, and I Need a Double Stuf Version ASAP

Gluten-Free Oreos Review | Photos

My gluten intolerance prevented me from eating Oreos for more than a decade, but the brand is finally releasing cookies that my stomach and taste buds approve of. As someone who regularly used to snag Oreos from the pantry before dinner, I decided to test each of the brand's gluten-free cookie flavors myself, including the regular gluten-free Oreos, the gluten-free Double Stuf Oreos released in 2020, and now the gluten-free mint Oreos set to hit shelves in January 2023.

On behalf of anyone who's ever experienced the frustration of having a gluten-free snack crumble before you even get it out of the package, I made sure to consider every aspect of the cookies before doling out my final verdict. Upon first glance, they're all pretty decent replicas of the originals, but it all came down to taste at the end of the day — even if it meant eating a whole roll of each cookie to be 100 percent sure.

While I couldn't taste the original versions myself to compare, I did bring in some backup in the form of friends and relatives to help me scope out the differences between the gluten-free versions and the regular Oreos. From searching for visual differences and flavor distinctions to subjecting each cookie to the milk-dunking test (the ultimate way to analyze any cookie), our research was thorough, but it was all worth it in the end.

Whether you're more of a Double Stuf person or you prefer the mint-chocolate combo when it comes to desserts, check out my full review of the cookies — including the new gluten-free mint Oreos — ahead.

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