Start Your Engines: Disneyland Now Has Sparkly Racer Churros!

Just when we thought we'd satisfied our need for sugary, colorful Disneyland treats with the lightsaber churros, Disney's California Adventure park unveiled Cars 3-inspired Racer Churros, and we're all fueled up. Sold at the Cozy Cone Motel in Disney's Cars Land, the racing-stripe churros come in three different colors — red, blue, and yellow — and are coated in colorful sugar. Each churro is sold with dipping sauce and is smothered in edible glitter and shiny star sprinkles.

Each churro costs under $5, and since we're not one for taking sides, we're going to have to purchase all three! (Bonus points if you dip the churros into the new Cool Dinoco Blue Shake, also from Cars Land.) The Racer Churros will be available until Sept. 10 — we'll race you there.

Read on to see photos of the sugary sweets, and we'll definitely be adding these to our Disney edible bucket list this Summer.