Walmart Sells a Rosé Drink Enhancer, So Your Water Can Literally Taste Like Wine

Thanks to Walmart, you can now have a Rosé party at 9 a.m. — without any of the alcohol. Yep, this means you can enjoy the sweet and crisp flavors of Rosé anytime you want and you won't have to worry about overdoing it and dealing with a hangover the next morning. Popular Instagram account @candyhunting spotted this Great Value Rosé Wine Drink Enhancer at Walmart that will put a fun spin on an otherwise plain and boring bottle of water.

Like any other drink enhancer — think of Crystal Light or similar drink mix-ins — this flavoring, which is sugar-free, will do just that: enhance your water with the flavor of Rosé. All it takes is a few drops into a glass or bottle of water, and suddenly you're by the pool with a glass of wine, totally not worried about deadlines or meetings.

OK, so maybe it won't take you that far, but what it will do is give you the great taste of Rosé without getting you drunk. This means you can drink glass after glass after glass and not worry about the side effects. You could even try making Rosé cocktails out of your Rosé water for a little bit of mocktail action if you so choose.

You should be able to find this Rosé drink enhancer at your local Walmart where all the other drink mixers are found, most likely in the juice aisle. Have a booze-free Rosé party and thank us later.