Outlander's Sam Heughan Is Launching His Own Whiskey, So We Can Soon Drink Like Jamie Fraser

Starz drama Outlander has garnered a bit of a cult following ever since its premiere in 2014, and a not-so-minor part of the attraction is Jamie Fraser, the smoldering hero of the series played by Sam Heughan. While fans have to wait till Winter of 2020 to finally see the next season, they don't have to wait for more Sam news, because the actor recently announced that he's launching his own whiskey.

The actor shared with his social media followers that the whiskey brand is called The Sassenach, a name that Outlander fans will instantly recognize and appreciate. In the series, Jamie's wife Claire is often referred to as Sassenach, a term that refers to her being of English origin. While the slang term does have derisive roots (at that time in history the English and Scottish people were at war), it evolved into a bit of a pet name for the couple. "Thinking about the journey that led me here and the road still to be discovered. Can't wait for you to experience what we are creating with @sassenachspirits...! Feel so grateful to have you all along for the ride," he wrote alongside a photo of him holding up a glass of whiskey while wearing a kilt.

Unfortunately, there's not too much information on the new spirit as of yet. "There is no information to share at this time other than to say that the whiskey is forthcoming," a representative for Heughan told POPSUGAR. But there is already a website, SassenachSpirits.com, with instructions to sign up for a newsletter for further information and availability announcements.

Since Jamie Fraser has been known to bootleg moonshine on Outlander, the actor distilling his own whiskey is a touch of life intimating art, and we can't wait to taste the results!