Starbucks Just Dropped a New Collection of Summer Cups, and Did You See the Ombré Diamonds?

Consider this a PSA to all Starbucks-lovers: the coffee chain just dropped another new collection of cups for summer, and they're the perfect match for a sunshine-filled day. The new June 2021 merchandise is dubbed the "Summer 2" release following the first summer launch in May, and both collections are already putting coffee drinkers in a craze. The Summer 2 selection features fun pop-art designs and jungle-themed motifs, meaning every cup is more fun than the last. Seriously, there are sleek matte finishes, sparkly ombré diamonds, and animal-print designs (we're especially obsessed with the pink cheetah tumbler)!

Whether you're enjoying a morning walk with your favorite latte or winding down after a long day with a cold iced tea, these new cups are all you need to make the season complete. The collection can be found at Target Starbucks locations with glass tumblers starting at around $18, so get them before they're gone! Keep reading to see more photos of the Instagram-worthy cups.