It's Written in the Stars! This Is the Starbucks Secret Drink That Matches Your Zodiac Sign

Coffee and the cosmos — a duo like no other. Starbucks' not-so-secret secret menu is home to some of the most creative and colorful caffeine-filled drinks of all, each of which aligns with one of the 12 different zodiac signs. Thanks to TikTok users who are also Starbucks aficionados, coffee-lovers are now aware of (almost) every secret menu item drink under the sun. Just how each sign varies from another, so does every Starbucks creation. From the colorful and experimental to the tried and true, these crafted drinks were made for each sign based on their unique differences.

Curated from trending TikTok secret drink favorites, every sign is matched to its drink by using each one's distinctive traits to narrow down the caffeinated concoction that best matches its cosmic horoscope. Since Leos enjoy the spotlight and grandiosity, it only makes sense that their drink involves a hit movie that was splashed across the big screen. With Tauruses main characteristics being that they are determined, responsible, and practical, their beverage is perfect for the level-headed individual who wants to enjoy a classic drink with a refreshing twist. Keep reading to see which trending Starbucks secret menu drink matches your zodiac sign, ahead.

Aries: Starbucks Secret Menu Sunrise Drink

Aries are the first sign in the zodiac, and they're an energetic bunch — passionate, courageous, free-spirited, and somewhat turbulent. Cue: the Starbucks sunrise dink. It's basically a fruity lemonade with flavored teas, and it has the most refreshing kick. This drink also features a combination of ingredients — which aligns with the adventurous side of an Aries.

Taurus: Starbucks Secret Menu Iced Matcha Latte With Chai

Tauruses are grounded to their core, hence why they're so determined, responsible, and practical. They're not usually a fan of sudden changes or insecurity of any kind, which is why this iced matcha is a sure hit for this sign. Matcha is a classic go-to drink thanks to its distinctive flavor, and since Tauruses are one of the most reliable of the zodiac, they know what makes a good drink better, and that's by adding chai. Mix matcha with chai and you're about to indulge in a Lizzo-approved drink that any Taurus will love.

Gemini: Starbucks Secret Menu Unicorn Frappuccino

Fueled by curiosity, socializing, intellectualizing, and flitting from one thing to the next, there's only one Starbucks drink that can perfectly encapsulate a Gemini: the Starbucks unicorn frappuccino. This bright and flavorful drink is just as exciting as a Gemini's personality. Since this sign is sometimes indecisive, this drink gives them a wide range of flavors that they can indulge in. Looking for an adventure, Gemini? Try this.

Cancer: Starbucks Secret Menu Pooh-Bear-Themed Frappuccino

Sensitive beings, Cancers feel the influences of the lunar cycles whether they like it or not. Cancers are emotional, empathetic, and highly imaginative people, which makes this secret menu Pooh-Bear-themed frappuccino the drink for them. Cautious with their trust, once you make it into a Cancer's heart, they're loyal and passionate friends and lovers — just like Pooh himself.

Leo: Starbucks Secret Menu Wonder Woman Frappuccino

Exuberant beings who enjoy the spotlight and grandiosity, Leos need a drink that matches their spunky personality. This Wonder Woman-inspired frappuccino is just that and then some. With a hint of strawberries, white mocha sauce, and a dreamy caramel drizzle, this flavorful frap has the same magnetic charm that all Leos are known to share. If you're as warm, self-aware, and driven as this sign, we suggest ordering this ASAP.

Virgo: Starbucks Secret Menu Mint Chocolate Chip Frappuccino

Cautious and analytical, Virgos represents their earth sign well. They're conservative, hard-working, and have a deep sense of humanity. That's why this mint chocolate chip frappuccino is the perfect drink for the sign. Everyone knows how good mint chocolate chip is, meaning there's no need for Virgos to doubt the taste. Additionally, Virgos have an eye for every little detail, and the topping on this creation requires someone who appreciates that very thing.

Libra: Starbucks Secret Menu Pink Drink

This air sign is intellectual and diplomatic, meaning Libras value peace, fairness, and cooperation. This Starbucks Pink Drink has the ideal amount of flavors that creates perfect harmony for your taste buds. Since Libras love having a partner to share life with, they're sure to order two of these, not one!

Scorpio: Starbucks Secret Menu Berry Blast

Anyone who knows a Scorpio knows that they're passionate, resourceful, brave, and extremely loyal. Scorpios have an air of mystery to them, just like this açaí-infused concoction. Complete with berries and lemonade, this drink is just as zesty and alluring as the sign itself. Top if off with a dash of green tea if you need a kick of caffeine.

Sagittarius: Starbucks Secret Menu Mango Dragon Fruit Dream

This fire sign has an adventurous spirit and needs the freedom to do their own thing. They thrive in situations where they can freely express themselves verbally, creatively, and physically — similar to this secret menu fan favorite. With dragon fruit lemonade and a mix of both peach and passion tea, this drink is as exciting as a true Sagittarius. Complete with a pretty ombré hue, this dreamy drink looks like it was created in the cosmos.

Capricorn: Starbucks Secret Menu Galaxy Caramel Drink

Serious and responsible, this sign stays true to their earth sign roots. Caps are persistent and organized, leading them to success in their pursuits from solely hard work and expertise. As you can see, this galaxy drink takes talent to make, which any Capricorn is sure to appreciate. Complete with a caramel twist, this delicious drink will make any Cap go starry-eyed.

Aquarius: Starbucks Secret Menu Fruity Lemonade

Passionate and quirky, Aquariuses are deeply compassionate for humanity, equality, freedom of expression, and intellectual conversations. These free-spirited, imaginative, and slightly inconsistent people thrive when others can relate to and respect the many sides of their personality. This Starbucks secret menu fruity lemonade effortlessly encapsulates their spunky personality, thanks to the mix of peach and strawberry flavors. Cheers, Aquariuses!

Pisces: Starbucks Secret Menu Caramel Cookie Bar

One of the most tolerant of the zodiac, this water sign is highly intuitive and compassionate. A Pisces can be selfless to the point of martyrdom, but they make excellent partners and friends. This sweet frap aligns with a Pisces because it's hard not to like. With a rich cookie flavor, this Starbucks drink is creative and unique — just like a Pisces.