The Best, Most Unexpected Grocery Item to Buy at Costco

Hot tip: pick up some Costco steak the next time you visit the bulk warehouse. Costco has tons of grocery staples you rely on regularly, but steak is one of those special-occasion items that is not to be missed. My dad, an avid steak griller who has tried steak from butcher shops across the world, can attest to Costco steak's greatness β€” it's tender and full of delicate marbling and flavor.

One of Dad's best friends, who makes high-end barbecue pits (Billy Twang), introduced him to these steaks. And recently, my boss asked if I ever bought steaks from Costco as it's her dad's favorite item to buy in bulk and freeze. I've heard three people sing praises about this particular grocery item in the span of a month β€” that's enough to convince me to spend a little more time in the meat department at Costco.

Now, you can find all grades of meat at Costco β€” from more budget-friendly, USDA Prime cuts (~$11-$22 a pound) to organic, grass-fed cuts (~$24 pound) to American Wagyu filets ($99 a pound) to the crazy cream of the crop: Japanese Wagyu ($1200 for 12 pounds). Some of these cuts are found in stores and others can be purchased online and delivered fresh to your door. Dang if that isn't conveniently awesome.

In case you need a little more convincing, take a look at a few of these steaks IRL. That red center. Those charred edges. The pools of savory juices. Try not to go weak in the knees . . . just try!

DUDE. redic steaks. Couple more weeks till we meet again πŸ”ͺπŸ„ #hugesteak #costcosteak #delicious

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