I Hate Peeps, So I'm Very Excited About These Chocolate-Stuffed Easter Marshmallows

I'm very much an "eat the marshmallows right out of the bag" kind of gal, but that absolutely doesn't apply to Peeps. The popular Easter-themed marshmallows taste so artificial and gross to me, and there hasn't really been a good substitute for spring snacking . . . until now. Stuffed Puffs — the brand known for its chocolate-stuffed, s'mores-ready marshmallows — just released Easter-themed marshmallows, and they look so good. The pastel-colored marshmallows are individually wrapped for maximum pillowy softness, and they all feature a velvety milk chocolate filling. And if that isn't enough to put a spring in your step, the names of the colors will instantly make you smile: Sunflower Yellow, Bubble Gum Pink, and Daydream Blue.

The marshmallows are available now at nationwide retailers like Walmart and CVS, as well as on stuffedpuffs.com for $17 for three bags. Each bag contains approximately 10 marshmallows. Whether you want to eat them right out of the bag, make colorful s'mores, bake with them, or use them in your backyard Easter egg hunt, these marshmallows will make your spring a little brighter and definitely more delicious. Sorry to you, Peeps, but I'm a Stuffed Puffs stan through and through.