Reese's New Marshmallow Peanut Butter Cups Are Hopping Straight Into My Mouth This Easter

I'm hard-pressed to find a better dessert combo than peanut butter and chocolate, except maybe the peanut butter, chocolate, and marshmallow layered like a sweet lasagna in Reese's new Mallow-Top Peanut Butter Cups. Like a gift from the Easter Bunny himself, the treats feature a sweet layer of milk chocolate topped with a solid layer of marshmallow creme, with delicious peanut butter resting inside. So they're basically made to be melted between two graham crackers, right?

Some Instagram users have already got their hands on the Easter-inspired treat. "Its VERY sweet," one wrote. "But super unique and completely different from the white chocolate Reeses." Another added, "It's delicious, the mallow doesn't takeover; it just adds a different and welcomed element." The s'mores-worthy snack will be available in stores nationwide for a limited time beginning this spring. In the meantime, check out what the Mallow-Top Peanut Butter Cups look like inside and out, ahead.