In Need of a Buzz? These Summer-Themed Cocktail Recipes From TikTok Taste Like Sunshine in a Glass

Kiss the cold goodbye, because, soon, you could have a summer cocktail in hand. From the sweet and flavorful pink paloma to the zesty and crave-worthy spicy margarita, the libation selection for summer is unparalleled to any other season. Whether there's a scientific reason behind it or not, when the weather gets warmer, people want to drink, and we know this to be true. Luckily, TikTokers know how to make a cocktail, and a good cocktail at that. These summer-inspired recipes pair well with a day at the beach, a poolside hang, and even just a couple minutes in the sunshine.

These recipes include a three-ingredient Aperol spritz, which is almost too easy not to make, a rosy-red margarita flavored with raspberries and passion fruit, and a twisted frozé that looks good enough to give you a buzz within minutes — to name a few. If you're ready to cheers to the season, celebrate summer with these spectacular cocktail recipes. From seasonally inspired concoctions that are filled with popsicles to ombré-colored fruity creations, there's a drink for every mood, craving, and sunshine-filled day this summer. Keep reading to see the best summer-themed cocktail recipes from TikTok users, ahead.


Mai Tai

You know it's summer when you have a Mai Tai in hand. This rum-filled drink is sure to give you a buzz, so drink it on a day when you have no worries in the world.


Pink Whitney Cosmopolitan

Tropical, pretty, and very boozy, this Pink Whitney cosmopolitan will wake up your taste buds. We suggest adding a splash of grapefruit juice if it's too strong or garnishing it with some berries. Enjoy!


Lavender Lemon Drop

The traditional lemon drop is sweet and tangy, complete with a sugary rim. This light purple masterpiece has the same tangy lemon zest, but it also features a hint of soothing lavender. With a gorgeous purple hue, this cocktail tastes just as good as it looks.


Raspberry Passion Fruit Margarita

Ready to shake things up? This fruit margarita is full of bright, seasonal flavors that are sure to make anyone swoon. We suggest pairing this drink with a poke bowl or popsicle if you're hungry — the flavor combos are unparalleled.


Watermelon Frozé Bowl

Wine and rum? Yes, please! This watermelon libation will be a fan favorite, so make sure you have enough watermelons! Who's ready to start sippin'?


Spicy Pineapple Margarita

Tell us, is there anything better than a good spicy margarita because we think not. This pineapple-infused version is so good, you won't believe your taste buds. With a hint of agave and cucumber, this will be your new go-to drink every season of the year.


Coconut Summer Dream Cocktail

Not at the beach but want to feel like you are? This colorful cocktail is just for you! You'll get hints of coconut and grenadine in every sip, and be instantly transported to a seaside escape far, far away.


Trader Joe's Loopy Droopy Cocktail

This three-ingredient cocktail says "summer" all over it. Just mix champagne and sparkling strawberry juice in a glass, and add a popsicle right on top. You can swirl the popsicle inside the drink to make it taste even sweeter or you can dip the ice-cold treat in the glass and enjoy a boozy pop.


Summer Cosmo Punch

Everyone knows punch is a summer essential, and this cosmo-inspired cocktail is a must have. You'll get notes of cranberry juice, lime, and lemonade in every sip, meaning it's pure perfection.


White Claw Sorbet Cocktail

You know White Claws are a summer staple, so don't forget about them! This sweet drink combines the hard seltzer with sorbet, and it's damn good. We'll be cheersing to these all season long!


Shark Attack

Vodka, lemonade, and blue curaçao work together to make this drink a serious treat. Just add candy sharks and a splash of grenadine, and you've made yourself the best seaside refreshment of all.


Skinny Blood Orange Margarita

Light, fruity, and full of tequila, this blood orange margarita is just what you need to make a summer day complete. Fresh limes and orange slices will elevate this drink, so don't be afraid to get creative.


Indigo Sunset

Made with grapefruit, sugar, and lime, this delicious gin drink will impress everyone that you make it for. It pairs well with a sunny day and a poolside hang, so be sure to make it the next time you're on vacation.


Blue Lagoon

Bright, blue, and beautiful, who could turn down a Blue Lagoon? This summertime drink has the perfect mix of flavors, and it pairs exceptionally well with a day by the pool. Just add sunshine!


Frozen Italian Paloma

Make a drink to impress when you whip up this frozen Italian paloma. With a pretty pink hue, this libation is worth toasting to any day of the week.


Empress Lavender Lemonade

If you like lemonade (who doesn't?), this drink is for you. With a refreshing lavender twist, every sip of this will make you feel refreshed. Feel free to garnish it with anything you like such as a lemon slice or bit of lavender.


The Tropics

Take your taste buds on a fruity vacation when you fuel them with this fun drink. It does require a handful of ingredients, so once you have those accounted for, get shakin'!


3-Ingredient Aperol Spritz

Summer + an Aperol spritz = pure happiness. This delicious drink is not only supercute, but it's also so easy to make. For best results, add fresh fruit slices to garnish your drink with.


Twisted Frozè

Strawberries and grapefruit juice are the key to this fruity concoction. Just add rosé and La Croix Sparkling Water to a glass, and stick a popsicle in the glass. Now not only do you have a drink, but you also have an ice-cold treat!


The Cool Down Watermelon Margarita

Watermelon, lime juice, and alcohol — what more could you need? This drink is really easy to make, so whip it up the next time you're about to go lounge poolside. Pro tip: if you have enough ingredients, make it into a large punch so you can have enough for everyone.


Paradise Cocktail

If you want to indulge in a drink, look no further than the Paradise Cocktail. It's bright, fun, and colorful, and has a zesty mix of flavors you won't see coming. Garnish it with fresh fruit slices if you really want to get fancy.


Strawberry Daiquiri

What could be better than vodka and strawberries? This frozen drink is a treat for your taste buds, so be sure to make extra! Garnish it with a lime slice and strawberry to really make it look impressive.


Passion Fruit Rum

Rum, passionfruit, and coconut milk know how to make a drink. This refreshing drink tastes like sunshine in a glass, and wow, is it refreshing. Pair it with a relaxing afternoon, and you'll have no cares in the world.


Blue Skies

White rum, coconut milk, and blue curaçao are what it takes to re-create this fabulous drink. With a dash of simple syrup and some garnishes, this drink is too easy not to make. Cheers1


Sex in the Driveway

White rum is equivalent to summertime, in our opinions. This bright blue libation is supersweet, so if you want to tone it down, just add a splash of tonic or sparkling water. Top it off with a tropical flower to make it even more summery.


Watermelon Sugar

Anything to do with Harry Styles is sure to be good, and this drink attests to that. Made with just crushed-up watermelon, vodka, ice, and soda, you'll be itching to make this and play "Watermelon Sugar" every day of the season.


Twisters Margarita

Sweet, sugary, and filled with flavor, this Twister-infused beverage is as good as it gets. After you blend the ingredients together, be sure to rim your glass with sugar and crushed-up candy.


Frozen Cosmopolitan

There's nothing quite like a fresh cosmo, and this frozen version proves that to be true. It pairs the traditional ingredients from the cocktail with a hearty amount of ice to create the easiest-to-drink summer cocktail ever.


Corona Sunrise

Dreaming of a blissful vacation in Mexico? This is the drink for you. With a Corona, tequila, and orange juice, this drink is easy to make, and even easier to toss back. We'll cheers to that.


Summer Shandy

Feelin' whiskey? Boy, do we have a drink for you. This summer shandy will give you the buzz you were looking for, so don't say we didn't warn you! Complete with a spicy rim, does it get any better?


Bubbly Piña Colada

Take your piña colada to a place it has never been before when you add Champagne to it. Not only will it give you a better buzz, but it will also taste more refreshing.


Low-Cal Summer Cocktail

If you like grapefruit, this is the drink for you. With only two ingredients, this is about as easy as it gets. If you want to get fancy, feel free to add a splash of lime juice or some berries to give it more flavor.


Watermelon Mint Frozé

Watermelon and mint go hand-in-hand, and this frozé recipe is here to back that claim up. With a bit of agave and lime juice, this seasonal cocktail will make you wish it was summer all year long.