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TikTok's Taco Pickles Recipe With Photos

I Tried Taco Pickles From TikTok, and They're a Pretty Big Dill


I'll admit that when I first saw this taco pickle recipe on TikTok, I thought, "Absolutely not." It seemed like nothing other than a really great way to ruin a perfectly good pickle, and a waste of taco mix too. But after I took what I thought would be my first and last bite of a taco pickle, I found myself reaching for one spear after the other.

Flavor-wise, I don't think it deserves the "taco" descriptor, but that doesn't mean it isn't a tasty snack. Pickles by nature have an overpowering vinegary taste, so adding taco mix to pickles isn't the same thing as adding it to meat or vegetables. This means that this crunchy snack might remind you of tacos, but it's still mostly pickley. This recipe is definitely more for pickle-lovers than taco enthusiasts.

Taco pickles are really easy to make — even easier than TikTok's pickled garlic — because they only require two ingredients. According to TikTok user @ashlenfire_phoenix, you simply add a whole packet of taco mix to a jar of pickles, shake it vigorously to fully combine, and let it sit in the fridge overnight.

TikTokers have been saying taco pickles are on the spicy side, but I disagree. I added the whole packet, and they're zesty at most. But if you're worried about your taco pickles being too spicy, I recommend adding only half the packet. The pickles do get fairly saturated with the seasoning, so there's definitely a kick in every bite regardless of your spice tolerance. If you already love pickles, there's no reason not to try these, especially if you already have the two ingredients on hand.





TikTok Taco Pickles

TikTok User @ashlenfire_phoenix

TikTok's Taco Pickles Recipe With Photos


  1. 1 packet taco mix of choice, or 2 tablespoons homemade taco seasoning
    1 jar (24 oz.) sliced dill pickle spears


  1. Open the jar of pickles and pour in the taco seasoning. The jar will be filled to the brim with pickle brine, but don't drain it. Just add the seasoning little by little and let the brine soak it up before adding more.
  2. Close the jar tightly and shake until the seasoning is fully incorporated throughout the jar.
  3. Let it sit in the refrigerator for at least 24 hours before tasting.
  4. Enjoy as a snack or alongside a sandwich.
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