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These Are the Absolute Best Girl Scout Cookies

From Samoas to Toffee-tastics: A Definitive Ranking of Girl Scout Cookies, From Best to Worst

Every year, after the holidays die down and the decorations are put away, something beautiful happens that brings so many people, myself included, endless joy. And that, my friends, is Girl Scout Cookie season. Girl Scout Cookies are typically sold between January and April, so it's officially time to spend more than a few paychecks on those delicious little cookies (it's fine since the cookie proceeds go to a good cause). And since there are so many amazing cookie flavors, enjoying them is a very personal and individualized experience. There are a lot of opinions on which cookies are the best, so we've ranked the ones that are truly worth every last bite and the ones you can maybe skip ordering this year. Keep reading to see the list now, and happy cookie season!

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