It's Kind of Scary How Excited We Are About Trader Joe's Candy Corn Popcorn

Forget the tricks, Trader Joe's is all about the treats this spooky Halloween season. Take a stroll through the aisles in your local store and you'll likely stumble across an array of pumpkin spice goodies, butternut squash snacks, and specialty popcorns — including a seasonal candy corn flavor.

Just when you thought TJ's couldn't top its own snacking game (I mean, hellooo, check out the birthday cake popcorn flavor) it rolls out this crunchy treat that fans are calling "life changing." These kernels of sugary, sweet goodness combine the iconic flavor of Fall with hints of butterscotch, mimicking the chew and taste of caramel popcorn. Add in a coated candy corn shell, and for $2 a bag, Halloween lovers can transport themselves to the feelings of Oct. 31 no matter what day it is. If you're intrigued, grab a bag (or seven!) quickly — there's no telling how long it'll stay in stock.