PSA: Trader Joe's Now Has Organic Rosé From the Creators of 2-Buck Chuck

Who needs Two-Buck Chuck when you can get $4 Rosé from the same brand at Trader Joe's? According to the grocery chain's Fearless Flyer announcements, Charles Shaw now creates three different wine options made with organic grapes, and you can find them all at TJ's stores for under $4. And while we're certainly not turning up our noses at the Cabernet Sauvignon or Pinot Noir, we're over the moon with excitement about the Shaw Rosé.

Chuck? We don't know her anymore.

Trader Joe's shoppers are excitedly posting about their affordable Rosé find, which arrives just in time for the warm-weather, day-drinking season. Check out these folks enjoying their Charles Shaw Rosé from Trader Joe's, then prepare to snag several bottles for yourself during your next grocery trip. This might be your new favorite Trader Joe's wine . . . ever!