"Diamond Cappuccinos" Are Here to Take Your Glitter Obsession to the Next Damn Level

Ever wish you could plop a heaping scoop of glitter in your morning cup o' joe for an added pep in your step? Well, one coffee joint is making all your dreams come true by doing just that. Coffee By Di Bella, a company founded in Australia and with locations all throughout Mumbai, has been getting quite a bit of social media buzz lately for serving up not one but two glitter-infused cappuccinos that are exactly the type of extra we aspire to be. And don't worry — the glitter is edible, so the blinged-out drinks are totally safe to sip (after you snap an Instagram photo, of course).

Coffee By Di Bella's sparkly coffees are made just like any other regular cappuccino — with steamed milk and brewed espresso beans — but they incorporate a generous serving of lustrous glitter. There are two options for customers to choose from: either iridescent, diamond-like glitter or gold sparkles. According to one Instagram user, the glitter gives the coffee a "creamier texture" and "it leaves you with a shiny lip gloss, too." Um, yes please!

From what we can tell, Coffee By Di Bella is the first establishment to serve these sparkly beverages, and another coffeehouse in England, called Melbourne in Lichfield, has also recently started brewing up similar masterpieces. We're secretly hoping baristas in the States catch on and start whipping up these Instagram-worthy coffees so we can walk into work on Monday mornings like:

Now, don't get us wrong; glittery coffee is admittedly a tad (OK, extremely) unnecessary, sort of like those overly hipster lattes made inside avocados that surfaced earlier this year. But hey, we're all for adding a little more sparkle to our daily routine.

Catch a glimpse at the bedazzled coffee creations ahead, and you just might be convinced to stock up on edible glitter to DIY one of these at home!